Wong was born and raised in Arizona, a place far from any notable fashion houses. She gained her skills ranges from schooling at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Downtown Los Angeles and finally completing her Bachelors degree back in her home state. Some of her favorite designers that she looks up to are Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Channel, Guo Pei, James Galanos, among a few more . Her fashion design style are inspired by things around her. Her imaginations and dreams fuel the creativity and challenges the current fashion trends. She loves taking pictures and reading fiction novels, she also loves learning about historical culture from all over the world.



I design with a simple goal in mind, to create something that would create a world of it's own. I love to believe that my designs are timeless, graceful, and elegant. I believe in the art of fashion, creativity, connecting, impacts for people, luxury for people who understand why they are that, people who are brilliant. I want to believe in why I do the things I do and I want to find a place that could cultivate that belief. I am fascinated that fashion is something that we will always find ourselves trending. We are able to follow, create, and become connected through our styles. I create and the reason I design them is so people can tell their own stories through them. They become part of your identity.

K A Y U N is “Defined By Designs”, quote that I currently live by